Indulge in Premium Frozen Insects from Eurocrickets!

Savor the exquisite taste of our top-tier frozen crickets and edible insects! Eurocrickets prides itself on using only the finest, meticulously selected ingredients for to prepare the highest quality product:

  • What? – Frozen crickets
  • Sizes? – In all sizes from 2 to 7
  • Why? – ensured unmatched quality,
  • How? – Cricket diet free from soy, GMOs, fish meal, or any other undesired additives.

Thanks to a well balanced feed we imbue our edible insects with essential vitamins and minerals, watering them with the purest filtered water sourced from the depths of the Merkys Regional Park. Plus, we guarantee consistent protein levels by abstaining from vegetable or fruit feeding, ensuring every cricket is packed with optimal nutrition.

Treat your pets taste buds with our high-quality frozen crickets! Frozen crickets are perfect and beloved by companions alike wild birds and domestic ones, hedgehogs, squirrels, reptiles, fish, dogs, and an array of wild and domestic animals. Low in fat yet bursting with protein, vitamins, and minerals, our insects promise a nourishing delight with every bite. By the way – they love live crickets as well 🙂

Don’t miss out the ultimate quality experience. Shop now and elevate your experience with Eurocrickets!

1 review for Frozen crickets – insects

  1. Deniz

    My chickens loved these!

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