Live crickets Live Feeder insects Feeding insects Acheta domesticus, commonly called the house cricket (Orthoptera), is an animal in the cricket family. Crickets are liked by all insectivorous animals. BE SURE to choose the right insect size for your pet so that your pet can enjoy the true taste of prey and victory. The body of adult crickets is thick, 16–20 mm long, and yellowish-brown. Head and back with dark spots, sides of chest with longitudinal brown stripes.

Discover why domestic crickets are a top choice for zoos, fishermen, and pet enthusiasts alike – Here’s why they’re so loved:

  • They’re easy to digest, thanks to their soft exoskeleton.
  • Their enticing aroma is irresistible to fish.
  • Packed with nutrients, they’re perfect for reptiles, amphibians, and other predators.
  • Feeding them is not just fun, but also taps into your pet’s natural instincts.
  • Plus, they’re gentle and won’t harm your pet during feeding.

At Eurocrickets, our cricket farm ensures top-quality live feeder insects – crickets. With our premium feed and water, they have a mild nutty flavor and are rich in protein, making them a tasty treat for your beloved pets, whether they’re reptiles, amphibians, spiders, hedgehogs, birds, turtles, frogs, or any other insectivorous creature.

Rest assured, our production meets the highest EU standards for human consumption, so you’re giving your pet the best of nature without any additives or artificial substances. Treat your pet to the goodness of nature with Eurocrickets!

Help your feeder insects live longer and provide more nutrition to your reptiles with Eurocrickets feeder insect supplements. Check out our Cricket feed for live crickets a complete food source. Combine Eurocrickets feed with pure water to give you insects the nutrition your reptile or pet requires.

4 reviews for Live crickets I Live Feeder insects I Feeding insects I Acheta domesticus

  1. Deniz

    My chickens loved these!

  2. Marija Semusa

    Спасибо. Очень довольны. Сверчки очень хорошие и живучие.

  3. Anastasija P

    I regularly order from here for my leopard gecko. She loves these tasty crickets and I love the fast and quality service.

  4. Beata

    Great Customer Service!
    Puikus Personalo aptarnavimas!

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