Bug flour cricket flour insect protein has a slightly nutty umami taste and aroma, is tasty, and rich in protein. Insect flour cricket flour insect protein is a unique delicacy, wherein 100 grams with the smell of sunflower seeds and nuts, fits: 60% insect protein combined with dietary fiber, saturated fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements.
In our cricket breeding, we use only the highest quality, exclusively clean feed, which is specially adapted for crickets and does not contain anything that, according to our deep conviction, cannot or should not be introduced into the food or feed, such as soy, GMO, fish meal, medicines, etc. The feed is additionally enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Edible insects are watered only with extremely pure and specially treated filtered water, which reaches us from the depths of the well of the Merkys Regional Park. We do not give vegetables or fruits to crickets to assure that our crickets always have the same amount of protein.
By default, Eurocrickets dry crickets in few sizes: standard & large size.
Which size you have to choose?
Dried edible insects, crickets In standard size are younger, smaller and have more gentle taste. Why? because at that age dried crickets do not yet have an exoskeleton, which is a pure source of chitin. The absence of the exoskeleton makes the standard size much easier to digest.
Dried edible insects, crickets In large size are elder, body is larger and taste is more expressed. Why? because at that age dried crickets do have an exoskeleton, which is a pure source of chitin, which acts as an intestinal broom.
Before drying, crickets are first well pre-washed. Only then heat treated and slowly dried to maximize all the beneficial properties of the insect.
Eurocrickets insect farm, where live and dried insects are bred according to European food standards.
Dried crickets are characterized by quality and taste. Dried crickets from cricket farm Eurocrickets – high-quality edible insects. Dried edible insects, dried crickets are not only suitable for human consumption, but are also very popular among wild and domestic animals, as well as birds. Such as hedgehogs, squirrels, a variety of reptiles, fish, dogs, and various wild and domestic animals.
Insects are low in fat, rich in protein full of vitamins and minerals. They are a firm part of the diet of over 2 billion people in many cultures around the world.
Try now a new taste experience and assure yourself how delicious they are.

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  1. Deniz

    My chickens loved these!

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