Eurocrickets UAB cricket farm, where we grow and process crickets Acheta Domesticus, purchased with certificates of origin from Finland. We are exceptional in the breeding of crickets - in each step of farming we think about sustainability and environmentally friendly materials with maximum less of waste. In breeding process our insects do receive only the highest quality, specially adapted, feeds and use only very pure water, prepared according to the specific requirements. While breeding crickets we do think about sustainable environment and nature friendly future. Our production is a special food of the future, available already today! "Eurocrickets" can offer you daily purchase of live crickets of all sizes, as well as frozen, dried crickets or cricket flour / powder, which can be used as a concentrated source of protein and perfectly replace traditional, animal-derived proteins.

Why crickets?

Crickets are a real source of protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Crickets because of their extremely high nutrient content are identified as alternative foods of the future throughout Europe. In addition, Cricket Farms are extremely environmentally friendly as they require much less resources than e.g. hens, pigs or cattle, both in terms of space and in terms of raw materials consumed.

Animals Feed requirements per kilogram of Water requirements per kilogram of Space requirements per kilogram of
Chicken 2,5 kg 2100 l 45 m²
Pork 5 kg 3000 l 50 m²
Beef 10 kg 9500 l 200 m²
Crickets 1,7 kg 3,8 l 1,5 m²