• Duration: up to 40h
  • Safe shipment of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Protects batteries and equipment at low temperatures
  • Content: 1 warmer – size: 10x13cm

The HeatPaxx universal warmer is ideal for shipping live animals or plants during the cold season. It is also ideal for protecting technical equipment during frost, as well as for shipping temperature-sensitive medicines, paints, or electronic components. The warmer is characterized by high reliability and constant heat emission.


This HeatPack is an activated carbon warmer and is activated by air contact. Simply remove the HeatPack from its packaging, let it activate briefly in a frost-free environment and place it in a suitable transport box. It is designed to operate with little oxygen and in a vacuum-tight package it provides optimum heat for up to 40 hours.


Size: 13 x 9,5cm

Heat duration ( h ): up to 40

Temperature (Max. / Medium): 65°C / 50°C

Ingredients: iron, water, cellulose, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt


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