Dried crickets – insects as a feed

Dried insects - house crickets, acheta domesticus, are a unique delicacy for hedgehogs, squirrels, reptiles, fish, birds, dogs and a wide range of other domestic and wild animals. Choose dried insects according to your pet's age and needs: Standard sized dried insects will be smaller, ideal for feeding baby animals and birds, small breeds, wild birds, and easier to digest as standard dried crickets do not have formed a solid exoskeleton. Extra-large sized dried crickets are the ideal choice for larger breeds of reptiles, hedgehogs, squirrels, rodents, birds and a wide range of domestic and wild species. Dried insects for animal feeding are a small but highly nutritious delicacy that enriches the daily diet. A diet supplemented with dried insects will add variety to a monotonous diet and instantly enrich natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and saturated fatty acids. - 100% natural - no added colours, flavours or preservatives - 100% GMO-free - no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals Dried crickets are a great source of protein for all pets and wildlife! Eurocrickets dried insects are carefully and responsibly selected, prepared for drying and cured to achieve harmony of taste and quality. And, of course, it’s all natural!

Dried crickets – insects as a food

Dried edible insects - house crickets, acheta domesticus. In many areas of the world, eating insects (entomophagy) is a common and important part of a healthy diet. Dried crickets are a high-protein food source that can provide the human body with natural vitamins and minerals. The world is moving forward. The need for natural and healthy products is increasing, and we should pay attention to what constitutes 'good' or 'bad' food in our cultural attitudes. Dried insects are a sustainable and natural product that does not require a lot of resources, which are unfortunately necessary for other food animals. We select insects with the utmost care and responsibility before drying. We only dry standard sized crickets for human consumption, as they are the most nutritious at this age and are also easier to digest as standard sized crickets have not yet formed a solid exoskeleton, which is a source of chitin. Before drying, the insects are thoroughly washed before they are dried, so that only the highest quality and cleanest products will reach your hands. Dried crickets are the ideal choice for all those who want to enrich and diversify their daily diet in a very simple but healthy way. Dried crickets are usually chosen as a very rich and sustainable source of protein, of which you will find more than 59% in our dried insects, but dried crickets are also rich in dietary fibre - 7% and saturated fatty acids - 7.8%. And of course, it's all natural!