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Live crickets I Live Feeder insects I Feeding insects

Every day we can offer live crickets of various ages, from the smallest, just hatched to the largest one: Hatch (1-2mm), 1 (3-5mm), 2 6-8mm), 3 ( 8-10mm), 4 (12-14mm), standard (15-18mm), large (19-22mm), extra large (22-25mm), which we do sell in wholesale poly packs or packaged in small, commercial containers. In case there is another packaging needed, just let us know, and we will find the option, which fits your needs best. Read more

Frozen crickets

Frozen crickets are a premium product that requires special care during processing. Before freezing, the crickets are carefully selected and cleaned to offer the ultimate product to the end user. The cooling of crickets does not affect the nutrients and makes them a certain source of protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Frozen crickets should be processed thermally before use, after they can be roasted, grilled, dried and eaten as a nutritious snack. Frozen crickets can be used as raw material of high quality protein and minerals in pet food production industry.
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Edible insects Dried crickets

Edible insects Dried crickets. Dried insects are a high-protein food source that can provide the body with natural vitamins and minerals. Dried crickets are usually chosen as a very rich and sustainable source of protein, of which you will find more than 59% in our dried insects. Eurocrickets dried insects are carefully selected, responsibly prepared for drying and cured to achieve harmony of taste and quality. Read more

Bug flour Cricket flour Insect protein

Bug flour or Cricket flour (or cricket powder) is insect protein a mild-tasting protein powder from dried crickets. Crushed flour is like the crickets themselves a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and saturated fatty acids. More and more fitness enthusiasts are opting for home-made flour experiments in the kitchen, using it for the preparation of snacks and replacing it with normal flour. Cricket flour is also used in animal feed production and in the fishing industry.
Cricket Frass Insect Frass

Cricket frass for your garden and plants

Eurocrickets cricket frass and works great with almost any garden, be it fruit, vegetables, flowers, or trees. It contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements the plant needs in its natural form. It is high in Chitin which increases plants auto immune system and work against root rot and nematodes. Insect frass chitin is plant based which is more easily digested by plants than other forms of chitin. Insect frass will not add insects to your plants nor will harm beneficial insects.
Our crickets are fed an all-natural, non-GMO feed so you know that your plants will get the best product possible.

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